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rustyfish's Journal

Craft Mavens, Arteests and Gamer Dorks
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Bulletin Board for the weekly crafting space we have created together. A place to post ideas, discuss results, tips, thoughts, etc. Also a space to share creative writings, musings on art, reactions and future plans.

We have come up with the beginnings of a vision statement, which I have taken the liberty of putting into words:

Recognizing that it is vital to our healthy lives, we wish to create a safe space designated for the pursuit of joy through art and handcraft. We will meet in this space with positive thoughts and feelings about our own work and the work of others, and put-downs of any sort (especially one's own art or talents) is expressly not tolerated. The space is open to all who respect it, as well as its intent and its participants. Exploration is heartily encouraged, and we believe strongly that risks must be taken in order to realize one's creative potential. We intend to create an atmosphere of acceptance and creative vitality through our continued commitment to our shared crafts and the open exchange of artistic ideas and methods.

We generally meet weekly, on Sundays, open-house style for most of the day and sometimes into the night. Field trips coming soon! If you're interested, drop us a note.