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Prayer Flags [Sep. 18th, 2004|06:25 pm]
Craft Mavens, Arteests and Gamer Dorks


At the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment (in SJ, very nice labyrinth spot), they had a bookstore with lots of nifty things, and one of those things was miniature prayer flags. You could buy one, or a string of five, and they didn't have traditional sayings or traditional colors, they were just screened with things that the artist thought were important, sayings about the earth and mother nature. The prayers he felt like offering, in words he expressed himself.

And I thought, of course, what a great idea, I could make those! They're just bits of fabric, hemmed. And then I could pick the colors that were meaningful to me, and put images and words on them that meant something to me. Does anyone know anything about painting/stamping/silk screening onto fabric? I know you can buy textile medium and mix that with acrylic paint. Can you use regular stamps with acrylic paint? Since I would like to have sayings on there, and my hand is not so steady, does anyone know an easy way to tranfer text to flags? I suppose I could do iron ons..... but I don't know how those would interact with the paint, and I'd be limited to black. Does anyone have any ideas?

[User Picture]From: spideyj
2004-09-19 10:52 pm (UTC)

The prayer flags sound kind of neat.

For ideas on how to work with fabric, I highly recommend you check out Dharma Trading. You can order supplies from them, but they also have lots of really good explanation/tips on different textile techniques (I love them!). For the specific section on fabric transfer techniques/tools, check here.

I have a color bubble jet printer I can use and print things for people, if you want. Just email the designs to me at my gmail account (spideyj at) and I'll print them for you. I can only make it down there every other week, though (I'm planning to be there next Sunday).

On a side note, I picked up a few interesting craft books at the library the other day, including one on Halloween crafts.
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From: (Anonymous)
2004-09-24 09:24 am (UTC)


Hi hi - Conor here :)

I just wanted to ask - did Ya'll get those shell necklaces I got from Maui? They were cheep+cheerful, So I got a bunch... I figure you can cut em up and use them for... um... Stuff.
Got any ideas?

I also have some 'Coconut' necklaces - these are nice, because they make good spacer beads, they have really neat catches in the back, and, they are already pretty. I'm gona bring these next time 'round.
I've seen lots of people in UCSC with them, mostly guys actually, -I counted about 10 today. I'm thinking I might try and work on one in the near future...if lots of people have them, I must have one that is l33t-er than ones bought in stores...Strange that my otherwise docile competitive drive would come out in arts and crafts. And also card games.

But the true window to the soul is Monopoly.

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